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Round: rd 23 Sponsored by
Vs: SD Raiders
Half Time Score: GRM 1 - Radiers 1
1st Half Scorers: L. Cortis-Jones 45th min.   SD Raiders 48th min.
2nd Half Scorers:  
Full Time Score: DRAW GRM 1 - Raiders 1

Match Report:

With the season nearing it's conclusion, we headed out to Moorebank, where Ernie Smith Reserve would be the venue for this round 24 clash with the SD Raiders.

It was a pensive start from both teams. Magic continuing with the new formation, saw Logan as the outlet up top.
The 12th minute saw Jake released down the left hand side. Beating his man deep in the Raiders final third, he delivered a pinpoint cross to Logan, but sadly the ball would not drop fast enough to get a shot off, before the Magic striker was crowded out, and the opportunity was snuffed out.

The rest of the half would have left even the most seasoned football writer scratching their heads for bullet points to expand upon.  Suffice to say that the new formation did it's job, in that the chances that SD Raiders had to score were virtually non-existent. But the lack of meaningful transition from deep in our half meant that the Raiders goalkeeper might have been excused for nodding off in the warmth of the sun also. And whilst the Raiders recycled the ball well on the very wide Ernie Smith, the lack of a killer pass or even the semblance of a shot,  meant that their possession was rendered ineffective for the entire 1st half.

After the oranges (does anyone actually have oranges or fruit at halftime these days ? I think not !),  a rejuvenated Magic stepped onto Ernie Smith, with a rejigged formation, and the sound of James Zagaras still ringing in their ears like the aftermath of a Motley Crüe concert.

Evan Teo started to assert himself in the middle, throwing himself into challenges.  He picked up a yellow for once such challenge, but it was clear the intent was there, and the crowd started to move closer to the edge of their seats, in anticipation of something happening. That something arrived in the form of a typical Lawrence Frederick marauding run.  Driving through the middle, brushing past defenders as if they were tardy shoppers at the David Jones New Years Days Sales, he slipped the ball to Logan, who did what all good strikers do, and tucked it cooly past the keeper to give the Magic a 1-0 lead, just reward for their renewed vigour.

Minutes later Logan was again the centre of attention. This time it was for the double somersault in the pike position that he performed, as a result of being poleaxed by an SD Raiders player.  Logan got a 9.9 from the judges for the effort and the Raiders player got a yellow for his.

All of a sudden the game got another dose of adrenalin, when a back pass to Sam forced the goalkeeper to rush to the edge of his area to clear, allowing the oncoming striker to close in on him.  Sam slammed the ball into the broadness of the strikers backside, who was as unaware of his bearing as Donald Trump would be at a Taylor Swift concert.  Somehow the ball trickled into the far corner of the net. The sound of the sighs from the Magic supporters woke the SD Raiders fans up, who wondered what all the fuss was about. 1-1.

The game now opened up a great deal, and the final 25 mins did provide some excitement for all the football fans there.  Mitch rose at the back post in the 27th min, to get on the end of a cross from Lawrence, but he could not keep the ball down enough to trouble the keeper and it sailed toward the parked array of flash vehicles in the car park.

Not long after that, a speculative shot from the Raiders saw Sam put all of his 6'4 frame to use, as he leapt like a gazelle on the Serengeti, to tip the ball over the bar and away for a corner.

The rest of the half was a combative affair. Jake and Logan picked up cautions. The Raiders players also received a couple of yellows, including their big striker, who by the final whistle was as about as popular as Malcolm Turnbull at Mardi Gras.  The game finished 1-1.

To use a football cliche, it was a game of two halves. It has to be said though that both teams gave 110%. And as we draw nearer the end of the season, we'll just take it one game at a time. It's all about development after all !!!


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