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Round: rd 23 Sponsored by
Vs: Rydalmere Lions
Half Time Score: GRM 0 - Rydalmere 3
1st Half Scorers: Oposition 2, 20th and 28th min
2nd Half Scorers: Oposition 2, 2nd and 26th min - Mahan Safdartourei 28th min
Full Time Score: LOSS GRM 1 - Rydalmere4

Match Report:

Quick Intro
Well, we didn’t have four of our key players including two of our strong defenders. Not sure about boys and the Coach however this gave most of parents a bit of that butterfly in the tummy feeling before the game starts.

First Half
Both Ryde Magic and Rydalmere started played cautious well in the first few minutes, our boys showed more interest in setting up an early attached that led to having the first free kick followed by the first corner of the game both of which were well defended by Rydalmere players. Our injured goalkeeper was substituted with U13’s goalkeeper on the 5th minute of the first half. Our boys continued to pressure Rydalmere, on 12th minute we had a very nice left foot shot aimed for goal that gave our boys their second corner. Rydalmere started to picking up the game and created few good opportunities halfway through the first half of the game. The had few good shots on target. Rydalmere started to play more aggressive defending as well as upfront. At this stage of the game, around 18th minute, they pretty much dictated on all one on one challenges, our boys seemed to have have trouble with their touches.In the midfield we continued to have a gap that wasn’t easy to fill due to Rydalmere’s quick and rather aggressive play. This led to Rydalmere scoring their first goal on 20th minute of the first half. This continued until Rydalmere players had their second goal scored on the 28th minute of the game after we gave them a free kick.

Challenging first half with Magic 0 – Rydalmere 2

Second Half
We continued to give Rydalmere boys more chances to take shots and show off their skills on one on one challenges. Our boys were under massive pressure from the early minutes of the first half however they didn’t show any sign of giving up. Despite experiencing lots of pressure and giving up two more goals on the 2nd and 26th minutes of the second half (thank to Goal posts for saving us at least two more!) we finally managed to score our first and only goal of the game on the last couple of minutes’ credit to all our boys for not giving up and continue fighting back till last second.

Magic 1 – Rydalmere 4


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