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Round: rd 23 Sponsored by
Vs: Rydalmere Lions
Half Time Score: GRM 0 - Rydalmere 1
1st Half Scorers: opposition 20min
2nd Half Scorers: Pedro 45min, Opposition 46min
Full Time Score: LOSS GRM 1 - Rydalmere 2 

Match Report:

Magdala 13:00 Saturday 5th August

0:00 Gladesville take the kickoff
0:04 Gladesville win free kick from Rydalmere 25m by Ryan curling just wide
0:06 Long throw in by Gladesville from Gladesville 25m allows a break by Chris down left side
0:09 Gladesville win a corner but is defused by Rydalmere defense
0:14 Gladesville win free kick on half way but unable to get any body on the end of free kick.
0:17 Gladesville win another free kick. Ryan’s strike was on target but tipped over by the keeper.
0:20 After all the pressure from Gladesville Rydalmere get into the Gladesville half and get rewarded by a scrappy dribbled in after hitting the left post after un successful clearance from Gladesville
0:29 Rydalmere keep the pressure up for the last 10 minutes of the half with a stoppage for injury requiring a Rydalmere substitution just before half time.

Half time Gladesville 0 – Rydalmere 1

0:40 Rydalmere kick off and maintain pressure in Gladesvilles half
0:42 Rydalmere earn free kick which is directed well to the left of goal
0:45 Gladesville score with Pedro tapping in on the end of a free kick
0:46 Rydalmere hit back straight away with a well worked move through the center
0:47 Rydalmere have another opportunity to score but the shot is lofted over the goal
0:53 Gladesville win a corner but the ball is cut out by the Rydalmere defense.
0:55 Gladesville get a free kick from a blatant push in the back from one of the Rydalmere defenders. Again the free kick is nullified by the defense. Rydalmere dominate the next 10 minutes of play with the ball prominently in the Gladesville half.
0:65 Gladesville gain a few minutes of possession in the Rydalmere half culminating with another free kick which is shot high over the goal.
0:66 Gladesville win a corner which falls to James with a difficult volley which is skied over the goals
0:70 Rydalmere dominate the last 4 minutes of play to hold Gladesville in their own half.

Full Time Gladesville 1 – Rydalmere 2

Thanks to the under 12's training squad boys for filling in


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