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U (- or /)
U-6, U-8, U-10, U-12, etc. The U stands for "Under". At younger ages, leagues are often organized in 2-year increments.

Under the Ball
The ability of players to pass the ball in the air by playing "under the ball". Passes can be made by feet, head or chest.

Unlimited Substitution
(aka open substitutions). Means you can substitute as many times as you want at allowed times during the game. Pro leagues limit the number of substitutions; most youth leagues do not & many have an "unlimited substitution" rule. Some youth leagues only allow substituting between quarters, which is not really "unlimited substitution". Others allow the coach to "sub" any time a goal kick is called (by the other team) on his own throw-ins & other times. (See "Substitutions" for more details).

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